Prayer for the new baby

Blessings and happiness..

Watercolor background and picture of baby
Lettering in blue and mauve gouache

Price Unmatted Original 13 x 17 - $275
matted to 14 x 18  - $300

Original can be ordered in other colors.


8 x 10 reproduction $10
Matted to 11 x 14 - $25

16 x 20 poster - $20



A prayer for the New Baby

Protest this baby, O Lord, for Your protection is the greatest love.
Guide this baby, O Lord for Your guidanceis the greatest protection.
Teach this baby, O Lord, for your teachings are the greatest guidance.
Love this baby, O Lord, for Your love is the greatest teacher of all.
May Your blessings bring this baby happiness. Amen
Rosalinda Buchner Graziano




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