imagination more powerful Imagination-2

Robert Fulghum

Lettering done with Gouache
on Acrylic Paste Paper collage
with 24K Gold leaf deckle edges

16 x 24 x 2: $450 matted

Can be ordered in colors of your choice.

See also: I Believe( Imagination)
in the Famous Notable gallery
and Imagination-3 in the New Work gallery


I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge,
That myth is more potent than history,
that dreams are more powerful than acts,
that hope always triumphs over experience,
that Laughter is the only cure for grief,
and I believe that love is stronger than death.

Robert Fulghum







About the border around images

All art work in the gallery section is displayed with a dark border and drop shadow.
This is to show dimension and the edge of art work.
This is not part of the finished piece.