We accept Cash, Checks, Money Orders, PayPal, Master Card, Visa, and Discover.

dotAll work shown in the Gallery Pages can be special ordered in whatever colors you prefer.

dotAll work is done with archival material, media, and matting.

With every order please include:

Your name, address, telephone number, and email.
The title of the piece or part of the first line.
Colors you would like.
Size of the piece (since some texts are done in different sizes).
Paper - White, off white, hand made paper, colored paper. Some backgrounds are watercolor or acrylic paste technique.
Mat colors - most work is double matted. A few pieces have triple mats.
Shipping address if different from the billing address

Framing is available - please contact me for information. We have metal and wooden frames.

Personalizing: Pieces can be personalized if you desire.

If you are ordering a piece of calligraphy as it appears in the Gallery Pages, you have several options.

  1. Call in the order to Sharon Hanse - 740-425-1483
    You can follow this with a check, or money order, or I will phone you to get credit card information.

  2. Mail the order to Sharon Hanse at 60674 Somerton Highway, Barnesville, Ohio 43713

If you are interested in having a commissioned piece done, click the Commission's Tab below for further information.

  • How to Commission Work
  • Information about purchasing Artwork
  • Quotes

Do you have a poem, quote or
saying that you have always wanted written out in a Calligraphy?Isaiah

Do you have some words of wisdom and inspiration to pass on to your friends and family. We can all use a bit of inspiration in our lives.

I am available to interpret the text of your favorite pieces and render a work of art that will be treasured throughout the years.

Send me the text via email or mail along with any ideas of artwork, style, etc. Or, you can,  trust your piece to my expertise. Be sure to include your name, address, telephone number and email address.

Let me know if there is a deadline that you need the piece by, and I will let you know if it is possible to meet that timeline. There may be an  extra charge for rush work.

Several rough sketches will be created for your perusal. When you make a choice, you can then select the colors, the matting and framing that you desire. Changes can be made on the rough sketches. Elements of the design and letter styles are usually interchangeable on the rough sketches.

dot Rough Sketch Letter:

When you receive the rough sketches, you will also receive the following letter which outlines the various choices you can make regarding paper, matting, colors, etc. I enclose it here so that you may get some idea of your choices.

Enclosed are the rough sketches of the piece your were interested in having done in Calligraphy.

The letter styles and layout designs are interchangeable. If you like the letter style on one piece, but prefer another layout, they can be switched .

The paper can be white, cream, light gray, brown, deep red, green, deep blue, dark gray, black or camel. Hand made paper is also available in various colors. Some of these hand made papers have more texture and may have strands or veins of other colors in them.

Another choice would be backgrounds that are done in watercolor - either soft tones of colors, pages made to look like antique paper, or actual flowers, birds, etc.

Papers that have been colored with an Acrylic Paste Technique can be created. These range from soft pastels to more vibrant and intense colors. This technique can also be used on canvas.

The lettering is usually done with gouache which is an opaque watercolor. Any artwork is generally done with watercolor. By using the gouache for the lettering, it will stand out against the backgrounds.

All of these techniques allow for a very wide range of colors. Some combinations to give you an idea are: wine and mauve, wine and forest green, shades of blue, teal and copper, rainbow effects, earth tones, and shades of green from forest to sage.

The price quoted on each rough, includes double matting. A third or fourth mat can be added for a small fee. Intricate mat cuts and French Mat Lines can also be added.

Framing is also available. Metal frames come in a wide range of colors and textures. Wood frames are also available, though I may have to order special sizes.

The cost for shipping will depend on the size of the piece and whether it is merely matted, or framed.
Please feel free to call or email me if you have any questions, and/or to let me know what your choices are.

If these sketches are not quite what you are thinking of, feel free to tell me, so that we can try to find exactly what will work for you. These sketches will at least help us to see some of the possibilities in order to develop new ones.

Thank you for your interest in my work. I look forward to working with you.

Here is some pertinent information
that you will help you when making a decision about purchasing artwork.

Archival - Archival material is created on strata that has a neutral PH, and are therefore acid free so that they will resist yellowing and aging. Archival papers are usually 100% cotton.

Mat boards can be archival (100% rag, neutral PH), or buffered (this helps deter the aging process) or non-archival.

Non-archival material will yellow with age and fox (rusty stains will appear). Non-archival mat board will eventually burn the edges of artwork, leaving dark marks on the paper.

Note: Because the environment is slightly acidic to begin with, mat boards will over time become acidic, even if they were made with a neutral PH. It is therefore recommended that mats be changed every 15 years to keep the environment around your original artwork in good condition.

Copyright - All rights pertaining to a work of art are the sole property of the artist unless arrangements have been made and fees paid. The copyright is automatic as soon as anyone creates anything, it is protected. No reproductions of the art for any purpose are allowed without a prior agreement. This extends for 95 years after the artists death and may be extended by the heirs.

Giclee - A Giclee is a reproduction produced using digital imaging. The original work is copied and digitized, then printed. They are  printed with archival inks on archival paper or canvas.

Limited Edition Print  (Reproduction)- This refers to the actual number of pieces that are created. This generally  refers to work created by any hand pulled printmaking process, and is usually limited by the process itself. An etching plate may only be able to produce 100 good  images. (see Reproductions)

Original - This term refers to any piece of artwork created by hand. They may be done in a series, but there will be some variations between two pieces - even if they look alike. This term also refers to works produced using any of the many printmaking techniques - such as etching, silkscreen, block printing, lithography, etc.

Print - This term has been used incorrectly for many years to refer to a “reproduction”. The word “print” actually refers to a work done using a printmaking technique such as etching, silk-screen, block printing, or intaglio - these techniques create pieces one by one in a limited number. Over time, the plate deteriorates and is no longer usable - thus the limited number.

Reproductions - The term “print” has been used to refer to “reproductions”. These are copies created by an offset printing or a photographic process. These are made from an Original work of art. An unlimited number can be run off and thousands more when those are sold. Limited Editions of reproductions should be no more than 1,000.

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