Wedding Certificates Ordering Information

Please provide the following information when ordering:
Please print all information if you are mailing it.
Copy this section into an email, fill it out and send to

1. Bride and Grooms names as they should appear on the certificate.
2. Date and place for the event
3. The certificate style
4. The style of lettering for the text
5. The style of lettering for the names
6. Colors for the names and text
7. The Border desired
8. Colors for the border if different from the names and text
9. Mat colors
10. Paper desired if different than the off white Arches Text, usually used
11. 24 K Gilding or Gold Gouache
12. Number of guests - decide whether guests will sign as couples or singly, as this will affect the length
13. Text for the vows if applicable
14. Any special instructions
15. Address to send the rough sketch to
16. Telephone number and/or email address for contact and questions
17. Billing address
18. Shipping address if different from the billing address

A rough sketch will be created and sent for final approval, corrections, and any changes.

This pertinent information can be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

or mailed to Sharon Hanse, 60674 Somerton Hwy, Barnesville, OH 43713-9436

Please contact me by email, or phone for other options and or questions at 740-425-1483

A 50% downpayment is requested when the rough sketch is approved.
A check can be sent, or I will call to get a credit card number, or you can use PayPal

Shipping & Handling:
Matted only - $15.00 TO $35 - Sent by US Mail
Certificate B - Framed - $30 to $50.00 - sent by UPS

It is safer to ship the certificate in the matted form. There is less likely hood that the frame or glass will be broken.

Certificates are matted to even increments for ease in obtaining frames.

If for some reason the certificate is not completely filled up with guest signatures, it is possible to embellish the borders
to fill in some of the empty space. There is a small fee for this service, plus shipping.