Wedding Certificate Signing Suggestions

The following are some suggestions to help with the signing process.
You will receive a copy of these instructions along with the completed certificate.

Keep the protective covering on the certificate until you are ready to sign it. Carefully remove the covering so that you can
replace it after the signing.

If possible, have one or two people in charge of supervising the signing. It might be nice if they wore white cotton gloves
to avoid too much finger contact on the mat and certificate. These are available at Photo Supply Stores.

Handle the certificate and mat as little as possible. Even clean hands leave a bit of oil and may eventually show as the oil
attracts dust and dirt over time.

In order to insure that the signatures do no fade, I suggest using Pigma Micron pens in a size 1. These pens are fade proof and
waterproof. (I suggest having several (3 - 5) available - depending upon the number of guests.) These are available at Art
Supply Stores or can be ordered from Dick Blick. (Over time, regular pen ink will fade away).

Please keep all food and drink away from the certificate. The media is watercolor and will bleed and smear if moistened.

Place a clean white sheet of paper under the space people will sign on for them to rest their hands on as they sign. This will
keep their hands off of the certificate. The oil from their hands will eventually attract dirt .

Please place the enclosed piece of mat board under the lined sheet under the certificate. The foam core is a sturdy acid free
backing but may dent during the signing if this board is not used - and the certificate could get dented as well.

After the signing is complete, remove the line guide and piece of mat board, and replace the certificate in the plastic cover for
safekeeping until it can be framed.

Wishing you a wonderful future together!

Here are some more samples.